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Residential Pool Maintenance.


We can offer two options of Chemistry:
Regular chemistry and natural chemistry

-Empty skimmer & pump baskets
- Filter Cleaning
- Skim surface of swimming pool
- Brush pool walls as needed
- Clean tiles as needed
- Vacuum swimming pool and/or spa
- Analyze and chemically treat swimming pool
- Fill water to appropriate levels while tech is present
- Fill chlorine feeder(s) or add salt for pools with salt systems
- Backwash filters and adds DE as needed if necessary
- Perform Basic Equipment Inspection




Commercial Pool Maintenance.


Improper water balance is the #1 reason for commercial pool closure, equipment malfunction and surface stain. It’s easier to prevent a problem than to fix one, so using AAA Pool & Spa Service  is a smart way to keep your public swimming pool safe, clean and open 99.9% of the time. This makes you look good and makes your tenants, guests or members happy.
-Test and adjust water chemistry to meet standards of oxidation and sanitation.
-Also add and monitor amounts of algaecides, sequestering agents, filter coagulants and shock treatments.
-Monitor and interpret gauges, flow meters, operational and recirculation efficiency of filters, feeders and heaters programming  weekly.
-Monitor o-rings, gaskets, gauges, monitor and refill chlorine and acid tanks .
-Skim, vacuum & check lint tramps weekly.
-Brush pool walls, clean tiles & cleaning of filters as needed.
-Report any Problems or Possible Violation to Manager on Duty
-Insure all Health Department codes and regulations are maintained.


Green to Clean.


Chemical Shock
Green algae is a common swimming pool problem, which may appear as a greenish growth on the floor and walls of a swimming pool, a green tint to the pool water, or greenish material suspended in the pool water. The only swimming pool chemical that will kill an algae growth is chlorine based swimming pool "shock". Shock is a granular form of highly concentrated chlorine, which quickly raises the chlorine level of the swimming pool water. The elevated chlorine level makes the pool water conditions unlivable for anything organic, and algae quickly dies.
Complete Cleaning
In more severe cases where chemical shock will not be effective, we need to perform a complete draining of the pool.
After the water and debris has been removed we can then perform a chlorine wash & acid wash. This process will kill any remaining algae spores in the plaster. After the pool has been refilled we clean and reinstall the filters. Lastly, we start the equipment and add the necessary chemicals to properly balance the pool water.


Pressure Washing Services


High pressure hot water is a powerful and natural cleaning agent for removing oil, grease, mold, mildew, chewing gum, dirt and sticky spills. A small amount of biodegradable detergent is all that is needed for almost perfect results.
- House
- Driveways & Sidewalk Cleaning
- Poolside and Patio
- Fences
- Decks







We do service all your pool equipment:

Pumps, filters,  salt chlorinators, lights, chemical feeders, automation programming and others.
We have been trained by Pentair and Jandy to keep working well all your pool equipment.
We are also trained to teach you how to convert your regular pool in a swimming pool of high energy efficiency.
Pentair, the Go Green Technology  leader in the swimming pool industry,  with variable speed pumps,  can make you save hundreds of dollars a year.
Variable speed pumps can run at multiple speeds and allow you to set and adjust pump speed to achieve the minimum energy use.







Pool Tile Cleaning


The MaxxClean Hydro Blast System is:
Safe. It will not damage or scratch your pool tile. Many pool tile cleaning companies use glass beads in their calcium removal processes. Glass beads are harmful, and often cause pool tile to become dull and pitted. The pitted tile then actually causes buildup to adhere even more easily to the tile.
Fast. If you have ever tried pool tile cleaning yourself, you know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Don’t spend your free time in your pool with a pumice stone!
Environmentally Friendly. Our MaxxClean Hydro Blast System does not use any harsh chemicals. We use a pH neutral, non-toxic media. In fact, your pool is ready to swim in the same day!
Inexpensive. Replacing your pool tile can be quite expensive. Let us help your tile look new for a fraction of the cost.
Our process is simple:
Drain. We lower the water level in your pool just a few inches, slightly below the pool tile, exposing all affected areas.
Hydro Blast. We use a commercial pressure washer, with an output of 4200 PSI, injected with kieserite to break up and remove the calcium buildup, and then we polish the tile.
Vacuum. We vacuum the mineral blasting media from your pool with our portable pumping system, bypassing your pool filters.
The MaxxClean Hydro Blast pool tile cleaning system is also used for calcium removal on; brick, rock, concrete walls, pool decking, fountains and statues. 





AAA Pool & Spa Service is available twenty four hours a day 7 days a week for all emergency   services. We are heavily staffed with great technicians that have the proper equipment to take care of you pool in a timely matter.    


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